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#13 "ITW ITW ITW n°1 : Almamy" (English Version)

Yo !
His name is Almamy, and for the launch of "Digital Love," the lead single off of his self-titled debut LP, I undertook the insane task of interviewing the true-blooded New York-based despot of Senegalese descent. Read on...
Your single "Digital Love" is dropping this week. Can you tell us more about it? What's the concept?

It's my take on the Daft Punk's song, but I did it as if the original never existed, to make it mine. I guess that's why I have the dub version on the B-side! The concept is love, utopia, sex, anticipation, etc.

Cool. And what else do you have coming up after that release?

The music video, the 12" with remixes by Jimmy Edgar, +verb, Mess Kid and few others next month, and then my follow-up single is already set for a March release.

So we're gonna get a music video? Awesome. What's the story line?

I play the 'homme fatal' in it. Basically I seduce people, make them go crazy for me, then I'm gone. Didn't require too much acting on my part. [Laughs] Just kidding, I'm a nice and sensitive boy!
Yea right! Sounds hilarious though! So, are Jimmy Edgar, +verb and Mess Kid part of the New York underground scene, or part of your gang of perverts?

[Laughs] Jimmy sure is a pervert, and I say that as a compliment OK! But seriously, he's a genius. We met here in New York a few years ago but he now lives in Berlin. As for Mess Kid, yes he's part of the New York underground scene, he's a sick DJ. Don't ask me about his kinks though!

I won't. So you have some great remixes coming out soon, a music video, etc., everything seems to be going your way, but not long ago though a storm hit New York pretty hard. Were you there?

I spent the first night in the dark, total blackout, so I stayed with friends in Queens for a few day afterwards.

How was it? Were you concerned that you may lose valuable things, or even some of the stuff you've been working on lately

Yea... but I'd rather focus this interview on my music and projects. Next question!

[Laughs] Gotcha! So, how's your label ModyWorks going?

JMI is working on her debut single for the label, she's dope as hell; half-singing, half-rapping and 100% insane. Then we have SpenceGabor. who's also working on his next projects, a series of singles before dropping his first full-length. And of course we're always keeping our eyes and ears open for anything fresh, new and badass.

Awesome. I really like what JMI is doing, will she feature on your album?

No, no features on my album. But I'm doing some backup vocals on her upcoming single though.

I heard, it's pretty cool!
No you haven't, we're currently working on it in the studio. What you heard is a beat that was originally mine that I gave her. She then totally made it hers by writing her song "Kix" on it.

But you're always doing backup vocals on people's records ...

No I've never done them, what are you talking about? Oh wait, you must be talking about that Aman Ellis song I did some vocals on, on his "Cacti" project, right?

Yes. Anyway let's get back to your project, how many songs will you have on your album?

Probably 11 or 12. Maybe the last one will be a hidden track. And I might have five singles off of this album, each with an exclusive B-side.

Five singles? Wow, that's really cool!

We'll see, nothing is set in stones yet, may end up with less, or more.

OK! So, did you hear back from Rebotini by the way? I remember that you were ready to sleep on his doorstep!

I did talk to him a few times, briefly, but I made him promise to show me his studio when I'll go to Paris. So let's hope that we'll work on something together then, or that he'll remix one of my singles.

That'd be great, let me know as soon as something is ...

Look man, this interview sucks, ain't going anywhere. You should have prepared better, it's too amateurish and disjointed. Let's schedule something more professional for another day, I gotta go!

Digital Love available on iTunes, Beatport and 7" December 21.


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